Velvet Soft Pumpkins

Plush Pumpkins was established by Monya Kampa, a woman-owned and women-run since 2002. Plush Pumpkin's seasonal collections have dedicated countless hours to inventing and perfecting the techniques and craftsmanship used today.

Each hand stitch has a function and exquisiteness in crafting every perfectly pleated velvet fold on the pumpkin. The unique characteristic that brings Plush Pumpkin to life is the organic addition of the stem. Plush Pumpkin works directly with local farms, planting specific pumpkins, squash, and gourds yielding the most exciting stems. Every specially harvested stem is hand-picked, preserved, and individually chosen to adorn our pumpkins perfectly. Visit Margo's Gifts and decorate your home with these beautifully Plush Pumpkins; they will enhance your fall decor.