Made by Hand in Italy

When David Reiss founded Match in 1995, he single-handedly introduced America to the beauty of Italian pewter. Reiss discovered the possibilities of this rich, warm material, which he describes as having an "old soul" while traveling through Italy.

Match has maintained long relationships with the country's top retailers and prides itself on adhering to the highest levels of quality, attention to detail, and outstanding personal customer service. As a result, Match designs have value, appreciation, and heirlooms for generations. Match's first dinnerware is named Convivio means good-humored, festive, or fond of feasting, they believe the same spirit of friendliness lives in all three Match dinnerware collections.

The ritual of pouring a beverage has historically signified the beginning or end of an event, occasion, or day at hand. Whether a glass of juice, wine with a meal, or a cocktail at a gathering of friends, their beverage collection includes all necessary for making, serving, and enjoying your beverage of choice. A well-appointed bar is a sign of a hospitable home and conveys the spirit of conviviality at the heart of Match beverage service. Cin Cin!

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