Juliska - Together at the Table

As newlyweds, they discovered Bohemian glass on a trip to the Czech Republic and promptly fell in love and founded Juliska in 2001. The progenitor of the Juliska Berry & Thread motif dates back to the 14th century and through the 1600s. Although the Berry & Thread design was traditionally only used with glass, Juliska believes it is a timeless design and would enhance their ceramics, flatware, and beyond. Thus, the world of Berry & Thread took on a life of its own. They worked with a passionate ceramic technician in Portugal to develop unique, transparent glazing and hand-patinaed finish to replicate the luminosity of the glass—with all the durability and practicality required of modern life. Yes, it’s true: you can have a beautiful table and then chuck it all into the dishwasher at the end of a meal!

Juliska wants to help create the unforgettable moments that families remember for years - and are firm believers that what is on a table has a curious effect on what happens around it.

Today, Juliska makes hundreds of products for the table and home for you, the architects of togetherness. Juliska makes over 30 tabletop collections out of ceramics, glass, and melamine. Margo's Gifts carries many products that would be fabulous for yourself, gifts, or a bridal registry.