About Us

Like so many businesses in Utica Square with local ownership, Margo's was founded better than 70 years ago (1935) by its namesake Margo Kirberger as a lobby gift shop in the Philcade Tower at 5th & Boston in Downtown Tulsa. At that time like all American cities of any size and significance, “downtown” was the hub of commercial, economic and social activities, and Tulsa, the oil capital of the world, was no exception. And of course, no self respecting office building would be caught without the proper gift shop so Margo's more than fit the bill for this new, exciting, and vibrant city in northeastern Oklahoma.

After repeated requests from Utica Square senior management in the person of Walter Helmerich, Ms. Kirberger moved her business to its current home in 1964.

Over the years, Margo's has become a staple in the Tulsa community as a purveyor of high-end engraved stationary, one-of-a-kind gifts of all kinds, and season-specific mementoes, keepsakes and souvenirs. At a part of Margos it’s Christmas all year long where rare and high end seasonal collectables are always available. Christopher Radko, Joy To The World and Old World tree ornaments have proved over the years to be in high demand no matter what the season. Since its inception, Margo's has found and thrives quite comfortably in a niche between department stores and mall specialty gift shops by filling their customer’s demand for a depth and breadth of higher quality merchandise simply not available anywhere else.

Margo's Gift Shop might never have been were it not for two of Tulsa’s most famous oil tycoons, Waite Phillips and W.B. Skelley, who were the impetus behind opening the original shop so many years ago. Not only did these two approach Ms. Kirberger about starting the business, (at what must have seemed like a less then advisable midst of the great depression of the last century), but they believed so firmly in the store’s basic concept and her ability to make it a success they each set up a line of credit at the First National Bank of Tulsa to get her started.

Margo's is currently operated by Margo Kirberger’s daughter Ann Nelson and her granddaughter and namesake Margo Nelson. Like so many of our neighbors here in the Square, Margo's was founded and thrives on the simple concept of providing consistent, one-on-one service to a loyal customer base who appreciate quality merchandise and a personalized approach to doing business. When asked which product line in the store’s vast array they collected, one longtime customer remarked simply “we’ve been coming here so long I guess you could say we collect Margo's”.